1. Had a blast at Great America yesterday with this girl. #ihatepictureswithoutmyhairinthem #shesonlywithmebecauseofmydopecar #shea10ima2 #sixflags #greatamerica
  2. if you date me we will have:

    • morning sex
    • afternoon sex
    • dinner sex
    • after meal sex
    • i made pancakes sex
    • good morning sex
    • shower sex
    • bored sex
    • make up sex
    • break up sex
    • monday sex
    • tuesday sex
    • wednesday sex
    • thursday sex
    • friday sex
    • saturday sex
    • sunday sex
    • there is nothing on tv sex
    • i love you sex

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  3. I still can’t get over last night. Had the best time ever. #licchicago #lifeincolor
  4. Regram from @taylorgang1017  our whips so cold. 🌚🌝 #frs #gt86 #brz #scion #weoutchea #morethanyoucanaffordpal
  5. gifdistrict:

They see me rollin’ they hatin’
  6. The bae and the bae
  7. I’m sure going to miss the old whip.
  8. iam1up:

That’s the YEAH NIGGAH Grin